Sending us files and documents in the correct format

The JPEG file format is preferred when receiving ID, proof of address, screen captures, and other related documents. We also accept PDF, TIFF, and DOC files.

Files generated by our software (e.g. log files, notes files, etc.) can be sent in their existing format (.zip, .txt, etc.).

Due to security restrictions, we are unable to open cloud-based links (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.).

If you need to first convert a file to JPEG format on a Windows computer:

Converting a file to JPEG (Windows)

The easiest way to convert your image into JPEG format is to use a graphics editor like Microsoft Paint, which comes with the standard installation of Windows.

To convert your image using Paint, please follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R (at the same time).
  2. Type mspaint into the area provided and select OK.
  3. In the File menu, choose Open.
  4. Locate the image file and click Open.
  5. In the File menu, select Save as.
  6. In the Save as window, select JPEG picture.
  7. Save the file to your desktop.

Verification Documents and other files (screenshots, notes files, etc.) can be sent to us via our software, mobile app, or website. The total size is limited to 20 MB.

If you need to send log files, see:


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