The biggest Casino Race in history.

$1,000,000 Casino Race: starts April 29, 16:45 BST

It's time for another $1,000,000 race. Which means there's another chance for you to become a Casino Race legend. 10,000 players won cash last month. Will your name be up in lights this time?

Here's what you need to know ahead of the big race:

Only $0.20 minimum bet to take part

$100,000 cash to the winner

10,000 prizes to be won

It runs April 29 through May 6. Grab your helmet… it's race time.

There may be $100,000 for the winner, but the other prizes aren’t too bad either.

PositionPrize (USD)
1 $100,000
2 $75,000
3 $50,000
4 $40,000
5 $30,000
6 $25,000
7 $20,000
8 $17,500
9 $15,000
10 $14,000

Please Note: the $1,000,000 Casino Race will award a total of $1,000,000 cash across 10,000 paid positions.

Special Offer Details & Rules

  • To take part in the $1,000,000 Casino Race, players must register to the race via the Casino Races lobby.
  • The $1,000,000 Casino Race runs from 16:45 BST on April 29, 2021 until 16:44 BST on May 6, 2021.
  • Players must place winning qualifying bets in eligible games during the Casino Race period to be awarded Leader Board points for the race.
  • Every race is unique, therefore rules, minimum stake, max spins, paid Leader Board places and prizes are subject to change from race to race, so please make sure you see your Casino Race details for the specific rules applicable to your race.
  • The points system is based on total multipliers per spin/hand. If you win 5x your bet in a spin/hand, you will score 500 points; if you win 8x your bet in a spin/hand, you will score 800 points. Click here for more information on how Casino Races work.
  • The $1,000,000 Casino Race will award 10,000 cash prizes with a first-place prize of $100,000.
  • Cash prizes won in races will be awarded immediately at the end of the respective race, with no withdrawal restrictions or wagering requirements.

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